Like I was saying....

Pics of the new boy (and still no name)

Fresh out of his home he’d been living in the last 9 months. 

This is just after they wiped him down. He’s got that ointment in his eyes.

Ella was glad to be able to hold her little brother.

Both of the girls were…and are!

Addie got to see him last night. She was especially bubbly and excited. She’ll be a great help.

Another pic of Addie and her little brother. She wants to hold him by herself.

This is the you know what. (For you, Jeremy!)


  1. jeremy

    Awesome! I love placentas!

    Everyone looks happy and excited, except for bev, who is absent. But if she’s anything like my wife, i couldn’t even pretend to take a picture of her without something being thrown at me.

    Blake Jr or Los Thompson.

  2. g

    Great pics! (I could have skipped the last one, but if Jeremy needs to see it…)

    You and Bev produce beautiful children.

  3. kelsey

    Can’t wait to meet the new addition. He’s absolutely beautiful! Congrats once again. Have you considered “Jack”? He’ll have better chances at being an action hero.

  4. carey

    Blake – Congrats!! He looks just like you in the second picture!! The girls look like they have grown up so much since I last saw them. Glad to hear that Bev and the new baby are doing well!!

  5. Rick

    Looks like little Sylvester is doing just fine!

  6. Myra Jackson

    How sweet! What about the stats, weight and length?

  7. Blake

    Oh yeah, he was 21 inches long. 8pounds and 1 ounce.

    The Medical Records office set a deadline of 8am for a name.

    If you have any suggestions (and if i can get the wifi at the church to work) let me know!

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