Like I was saying....

We have a baby boy now!

So I’m still in the delivery room with my wife and new baby boy! Really soon I hope we’re moved to a regular room so I can go to sleep. But all is well. We came to Amory for a regular doctor visit but could tell we needed to stick around town because the baby was coming soon.

I have some pics and video of the baby on the camera, but the cord to get it from the camera to the computer is out in the car. I’ll get it when I go to get our overnight stuff.

But just wanted to say thanks for the prayers and calls and texts today. No, the baby doesn’t yet have a name. But once we get a name I’ll be sure to announce it to the world. But both baby and mama are doing well. I think they are both tired. Hopefully that means we all get good sleep tonight.

Pics to come tomorrow!


  1. Rick

    Muchas congrats, sir – does your wife know you were texting during the labor? Just checking – be careful out there!

  2. debbie harris

    congrats blake & bev & girls, i know he will make a great rebel (lol). i’m very happy for all of you. sure am happey that you all are back in north miss. now

    again congrats

    debbie harris

  3. Emily

    YAY! Welcome to the world, Baby Boy Thompson! So proud of you two, well three! 🙂

  4. Carey

    congrats on the new baby. I am so out of the loop since moving to Nashville. A little boy!! Wow, that is wonderful. Glad to hear everyone is doing well.

  5. Myra Jackson

    YAY! Congrats! PTL!! And A BOY!!!! Baby Boys are the BOMB! I love my little girls too of course but I don’t know what I’d do without my boys! I’m glad you’re blessed with both now! Tell Bev hello and we’re praising and celebrating with you guys! visit us for recent pics of us too 🙂 Hope you sleep and rest well over these next few days and weeks. I love delivering and staying at the hospital a day or so, it’s actually like a vacation for me 🙂

  6. Blake

    Thanks to everyone. I don’t think he’ll make any kind of Rebel, good or bad. And there is no way spending time like this in the hospital is a vacation!

  7. g

    He does have a bit of Rebel blood in him.

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