Been on the lookout for tickets to tonights game in Starkville. I know there will be tickets available at the game, but they’ll cost money. I like free tickets. They’re my favorite.

But we’d resigned ourselves to going to the game and trying to get some “discounted” tickets just before kickoff. But got a call this morning about a friend who was selling two tickets for another friend. So we call one of the friends to see how much the other friend was selling them for. They didn’t know. They had to call the other friend to find out. So they call me back and tell me that the other friend won’t sell them to me. They just want to give them to me. So I go pick them up PLUS a parking pass. Sweetness. Hopefully The Kid won’t need a ticket and I’ll just carry her in. We may try to sit where the tickets actually are located, but might go up top where there is room for her to move around and all.

::The Game::

I think we’ll win. I think it will be a close first half, but we’ll put up a few scores on them in the second half of the game. Much emphasis will be made of it being the first SEC game coached by a black man. While I agree it is a big deal, it’s becoming a tired subject. But if it wins us some recruiting battles, them I’m all for it.

Croom has been down talking us a bit. At first I wondered if he was taking cues from his old mentor, Paul Bear Bryant, of if were were that bad. To be honest, I think it is a little of both. I think we’re still a work in progress, but I think we will surprise a few folks. I think that Croom will have us on the right track. Don’t expect a quick fix, but don’t expect to suck for much longer either.

Too bad that our cable is only the stingy basic kind. No ESPN or ESPN2 or Fox Sports South. But I still have football to watch. Bout to come on actually. But somewhere in between all that I gotta work in a shower.