I blogged like crazy last weekend, and then took an extended break.

What’s happened since then?

*Olympics are over. And just in time for college football too. NBC knew that college football would kick the Olympics tail all over the place. Even though I know there’d be some overlap of viewing groups, I think they target different people anyhow.
*MSU opens the Croom era this weekend. Hopefully I’ll keep up some sort of commentary regarding my thoughts on the state of State athletics. I know it won’t be of interest to anyone but me and maybe my wife, but hey, it’s a free country (so they tell us.)
* Three Ole Miss students died in a horrible frat house fire. Sad stuff.
*The Dave Matthews Band gets sued for dumping 800 pounds of crap (human crap) into the Chicago River and onto a tourist boat.
*Amory lost it’s first football game….barely. But they still have some maturing to do before district games get here. They’ll be okay.
*Activity is back up on MissSportsTalk.com. That’s a good thing. But I’m still waiting on it to be redesigned and all. Seems I’ve been waiting on it for eh-ver. But that’s life. Would like to get some advertisements and whatnot up on it. Make some money off of it.