Twelve days til we make the trek to Costa Rica.  We’re going back to the little Methodist church, Fountain of Grace in Liberia. If you look at the link, you’ll see an older picture. Here are some newer pictures of the church and our trip last summer. We’ll be doing more construction on the new sanctuary and putting on a Bible School as well. (For some interesting thoughts on VBS, check out Tally Wiligis’ post)
Exciting thing is that The Wife is coming this year! How cool is that? But we’ll be leaving the kiddies behind, so that might be a slight stress point for The Wife. But she’s never been out of the country before, and she’s an incredible worker. I am afraid she might work everyone else into the ground.

My back has been troubling me just a bit. I’ve realized my “core” or trunk of my body is lacking in strength and flexibility, so I took Pilates for the first time today. Wasn’t too bad. But I will be a bit sore tomorrow. But I need to do something now or be in a bad way years from now.

So pray for our trip to Costa Rica, pray for my core, and pray for my wife as we leave the girls in the States while we travel to Costa Rica.