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Sunday Bullets

It’s been a bit of time since the last bullets. But here goes:

  • Going to Orange Beach was a blast for vacation. That’s when the blog break began. But I might have a story or two to bring back from that trip.
  • I participated in some osteoporosis study at Ole Miss. The were studying bones and such. I barely made it into the age range but had a bone scan done. Turns out I have the hips and spine of a 20 year old. But at least that lets me know that something else is wrong instead of just my bone hardness. I think it’s flexibility. But I credit my eating ice cream and lasagna for my strong bones.
  • The test also told me my body fat percentage and Body Mass Index. It was no surprise. Not overweight, but not ideal weight either.
  • I’ve been meaning to exercise more. Run around my neighborhood some. Maybe join a gym. I realized I’ve not lifted a weight in a gym since I started working here in Oxford. Only a few pushups now and then. That needs to change.
  • I heard about CrossFit from Matt Chandler. Then after reading up some and watching some videos, I’m intrigued. It looks both easy and really hard at the same time. It’s aim is for total body fitness instead of any specification. I might give some of it a whirl. But I’m (currently) inexperienced in any Olympic style lifts.
  • Pat and I started a new podcast. It’s called Everything and Nothing. Catchy title, huh? You can listen at the blog or download it from iTunes. And if you tell all your friends about it you’ll feel good about yourself.
  • I’m still digging the iphone.
  • The Orchard had a news piece done on it last weekend. Here’s the video.
  • Speaking of The Orchard, we might just start having two morning services soon.

1 Comment

  1. canudigit

    Liking the "Everything and Nothing" podcasts. Keep it up!
    Flexibility can be genetic. I didn't inherit much.
    So, youcandigit — the iPhone?

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