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The District: A few quick pics of Day II

Here are a few quick pics from today around The District. But a better update and explanation of our day to follow later tonight.

The District

This is at the Lincoln Memorial. Lots of people up here snapping pics. The Wife is reading some stuff on the wall. This red headed lady is looking the other way while hair tries to escape from her pit.


Me in front of my new friend’s house. I saw him today and he waved very excitedly towards me. I think he wants to be better friends. I’ll show you a pic later.


Outside of the WWII Memorial


Pretty obvious…


From the steps of the Lincoln Memorial looking back over the Reflecting Pool towards the Washington Monument. The Capitol is just behind the Washington Memorial.

We walked a few dozen miles I think looking at lots of stuff, taking lots of pictures. I’ll put some more up later, but we’re about to head out for supper.

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  1. g

    Stunning display of red flowers your friend has on his front lawn. I meant to warn you that he might be in town. Also, watch out for the ghost of Dick Nixon; he was a haunting man.

    Btw, nice-looking bodyguard you have there.

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