I know it’s just a game. And I know it’s just first and second graders. But we had a close game today. We sat two of our best players first quarter (six girls on a team, four on the field at a time). At the end of the quarter we were losing 2-0. At the end of the 3rd quarter we are up 6-2. So two of our best were on the bench again for the 4th qtr. And the other team makes a rally.

They score once. Then again. Then again. So it’s 6-5, and tight. The other team is making free subs. I thought you could only do that at the end of a quarter. But the game ends 6-5. We hang on, even though I know we could have made a few substitutions and it been heavily in our favor.

The girls shake hands. All is well. Then someone asks the ref what the scored ended up being. She says, “5-5.” What! No way. Even the opposing coach is surprised (but pleased.) So…it’s just a game, right? Our girls actually still think they won (and so do I.)

Our team won the weekend tournament last weekend. Here’s a picture of them with their medals.

Cheeta Girls